About us

The Kumasi Polytechnic Library initially was housed in a normal size classroom on the ground floor of ‘Block A’ adjacent to the Rector’s office. During the latter part of 1993 the Library was moved into two large classrooms on the second floor of ‘Block B’, now Department of Management Studies, in preparation towards the Polytechnic’s upgrading to tertiary status.

When the World Bank’s sponsored facility for students was completed in 1994 the Library was moved into a bigger facility by allocating two of the halls for the purpose. This coincided with the arrival of large consignment of new books for the running of tertiary programmes. One of the Halls was allocated to the Engineering and Applied Science Library while the other became the Business Studies Library. 

The number of readers increased as a result of increased student intake. It became necessary to provide a permanent library building, and the institution provided the seed money for the construction of a Library complex. The GETFund provided the remaining funds to complete the superstructure.

Due to lack of accommodation for offices, only two floors of the new building were given to the Library while the third and fourth floors were occupied by the Administration. The Great Hall is also located on the ground floor of the Library. The Library moved into the new building in 2005.