Electronic Resources Unit (Cafe)

The Electronic Resources Unit, popularly known as Cafe is located in the Lending Library. There are 14 workstations with full Internet connectivity, and library users could access online electronic journals the Library subscribes to through the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana (CARLIGH). There are trained members of staff to assist users.

Periodicals Section

<p>The Periodicals Section is also located in the Reference Library. The Library subscribes to a number of print academic journals on selected core subjects. Current issues of all periodicals on subscription as well as those received through gifts and exchange are displayed on periodical display racks at the Section.</p>

Reference Library

The Reference Library is located on the Second Floor. The collection is made up of publications, which should not be removed from the library by anyone at any time. Chief among these are the reference books that are usually consulted daily by users – encyclopaedias, dictionaries, directories and handbooks. The Reference Library has reading facilities for 248 users. The Library is air conditioned and provides congenial atmosphere for study. It also houses the following special collection:

Lending Library

The Lending Library is on the First Floor. This library is air conditioned and has a seating capacity for 218 readers. The Lending Library stocks multiple copies of prescribed textbooks and other publications, which could be borrowed by users for reading outside the library premises. It also handles the reservation of books, user education and provides assistance to readers.